Dick Hunter: 0161 445 5323

First Name:

General Message:

I am over 16 years of age. I you are not over 16 years of age you will need your parent or guardian to contact us.
If I do not attend the class, I am opting in to receiving emails about infrequent workshops or if in future it might be thought that the class becomes viable for me.

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Privacy Policy

We do not store any personal details apart from your name, email address and telephone number if you choose to contact us only by phone. We keep your contact details to keep in touch with you about changes in the class (for example, if it is cancelled on a particular week) and to keep you informed about any infrequent workshops we might run or other group events such as a Christmas meal. We will also keep any emails you send to us. If you become a student, we will also keep your details for a period as stipulated by insurance in case of a claim (likely 7 years).

If you enquire but do not attend any classes you will be treated as having opted in to getting contact from us about changes in the class in the future in case it becomes viable for you and any infrequent workshops we might run. You may opt out of this and ask for your details to be deleted by calling the above telephone number or by emailing us.

What to Wear:

Loose unrestrictive clothing and flat grippy footwear.

Cost: £7

Class Times

Basics Class:
Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Advanced Class:
Wednesday 9:00 to 10:00 pm